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Title: Die Another Day: Special Edition
Starring: Pierce Brosnan
Released: 2nd May 2003
Price: £24.99

Further Details

MGM has now revealed all the official details on Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan. Here's a little about the film: Pierce Brosnan returns as 007 for the fourth time, this time with Oscar winner Halle Berry. Tortured by the Koreans, and left to rot in jail by his country, Bond is in trouble. Eventually he is exchanged for a Korean prisoner in a scene reminiscent of the Cold Way spy exchanges. He then goes on the hunt for the killer he was traded for and this takes him from Hong Kong to Cuba and from London to Iceland. You will be able to own Die Another Day from the 2nd May this year for around £24.99. We'll bring you the artwork as soon as it is released but for now here are the official disc specs that also include an extra exclusive to the UK release:

Disc One

- Anamorphic Widescreeen Transfer
- English 5.1 EX Surround Track
- English DTS-ES Surround Track
- Audio Commentary with director Lee Tamahori and producer Michael G. Wilson
- Audio Commentary with Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike
- MI6 Datastream – On Screen Trivia track with seamless integration to 19 behind the scenes featurettes

Disc Two

- Region 2 Exclusive: From Script to Screen Documentary (53 mins)
- Car Chase Documentary: Shaken Not Stirred On Ice (23 mins)
- Inside Die Another Day Featurette (77 mins)

- Mission Briefings
    - Intro and Surfing
    - Hovercraft chase
    - Cube
    - Quatermaster
    - Ice Palace
    - Car Battle

- Scene Evolutions (Storyboard to Final Shot Comparison)
    - Hovercraft chase
    - Car Battle
    - Blades
    - Antonov Fight

- Inter-Action Sequences (Multi Angle Exploration of four action sequences) including:
    - Hovercraft Chase
    - Car Battle

- Title Design: An inside look at all the visual elements in the opening credits
- Digital Grading: Before and after comparisons of digitally altered footage

- Equipment Briefing: (Series of 5 Vignettes about gadgets and weapons) from the film:
     - Surfboard (with special modifications)
     - Standard issue watch
     - Switchblade personal jet glider
     - Ultra-high frequency single digit sonic agitator unit
     - Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish (Codename: Vanish)

- Image Database (Over 250 Stills) including:
     - Poster campaign
     - Cast Portrait
     - Special Shoot
     - Sets and Locations
     - Stunts and special effects
     - Vehicles and gadgets

- Ministry of Propaganda
     - Teaser 1
     - Teaser 2
     - Theatrical trailer
     - TV spots
     - Madonna’s Music Video “Die Another Day”
     - The Making of Madonna’s “Die Another Day” Music Video
     - 007: Nightfire trailer (PS2 game)
     - The Making of 007: Nightfire
     - James Bond Special Edition DVD Trailer

More Details

The film will be presented in a double sided Collector's Sleeve and will come with a collectable ‘Making-of’ booklet. The disc will also carry an easteregg entitled 'Hi Jinx!'. This one is sure to excite the male population as it contains a multi-angle version of Jinx walking out of the ocean a la “Dr. No”. The MI6 Datastream on disc one is reminiscent of the trivia feature on Spider-Man. However here it is not just trivia put onscreen but also has whole featurettes woven in and the film is shrunk down to a small corner of the screen. Each featurette is relevant to that part of the movie. This works well (as I have seen it) and I was impressed at the obvious thought and effort these guys have put into this fantastic looking double disc DVD set. We should have the coverart shortly but until then here are a few pictures that I took at todays press event:

Die Another Day Official Specs!

Die Another Day Official Specs!

Die Another Day Official Specs!

Die Another Day Official Specs!

Die Another Day Official Specs!

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