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The administrators of DVDActive are pleased to announce the implementation of our customisable content feature, which will grant our readers more control over the way they view content on the site. From listening to your feedback we came to realise that many of our readers have not yet made the jump to high definition, and as such would prefer the option to prioritise DVD content over Blu-ray. We also noted that some of our visitors were mainly interested in local content from their own regions, rather than world coverage. These observations led to the new four-column layout featured in our recent redesign, but that was just the first step towards offering a truly customisable layout.

With the new customisation options you—the readers—can now elect to retain the new four-column design, or return to the old two-column layout. You can also choose how you would like to populate those columns, either by giving preference to local DVD and Blu-ray content, local and world DVD content, or all local and world DVD and Blu-ray content (and so on). The system affects all homepage coverage, along with news, articles, reviews and Easter eggs.

To access the options, simply go to the 'Home' tab, then to settings, and finally to options. There you will see the 'Display Preferences' box, which will allow you to select the number of columns and what content you would like to appear in them (see the image below).

We hope that these changes will address the concerns of some of our long-standing members, who expressed a preference to view all content on an equal basis. As with any major change their might be a few 'kinks' to iron out over the next few days, but we hope you'll agree that this is a major enhancement. Look out for more new features in the near future, including high-definition screen captures.

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