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Title: E.T. Collectors Edition
Starring: Drew Barrymore
Released: 9th December
Price: £27.99

Further Details

We have just this second received a press release from Universal announcing the 3 Disc set of E.T.. This morning we reported that the 2 Disc release did not contain the 1982 original movie, so its time for some good news. Here is the information from the press release.

Universal Pictures Video UK and director Steven Spielberg announced today that a 3-disc DVD set, the E.T. Collector's Edition, to include both the 1982 original movie version and the effects-enhanced 2002 film, will be made available in the UK, ensuring that fans can enjoy the same Collector's Edition as released in the USA.

The E.T. Collector's Edition will appear on three discs to accommodate the high quality DTS sound on both versions of the movie, without sacrificing any of the exciting bonus features. The E.T. Collector's Edition will also feature an exclusive documentary  "A Look Back" (40 minutes) which does not appear on the 2-disc version.

Well that’s better news isn't it? The E.T. 3 Disc set will be released on 9th December and will retail for £27.99.

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