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Title: Get Hard
Starring: Kevin Hart
Released: 30th June 2015
SRP: $35.99, $28.98

Further Details:
Warner Bros Home Entertainment has announced the Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD) and single disc DVD releases of Etan Cohen's

Get Hard


The Blu-ray Combo Pack will include:
  • Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow
  • Line-O-Ramas
  • The Kevin Hart Workout
  • Face Off with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart
  • Ferrell Fighting
  • A Date with John Mayer
  • Twerking 101
  • Will Ferrell, Gangsta
  • Inmates: Out of Control
  • Bikers, Babes and Big Bangs
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes

The DVD will include:
  • Gag Reel

Get Hard

Quote: When millionaire hedge fund manager James (Will Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for a stretch in San Quentin, the judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Desperate, he turns to Darnell (Kevin Hart) to prep him for a life behind bars. But despite James’ one-percenter assumptions, Darnell is a hard-working small business owner who has never received a parking ticket, let alone been to prison.

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