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Title: Goats (IMDb)
Starring: David Duchovny
Released: 11th September 2012
SRP: $27.97 (DVD)

Further Details:
Image Entertainment has announced DVD ($27.97) and Blu-ray ($29.97) releases of Goats which stars David Duchovny, and Vera Farmiga. Each will be available to own from September 11th. We have no word on any extra material at this time.



Quote: Having a self-absorbed New Age mother (Vera Farmiga) and an estranged father (Ty Burrell) means Ellis (Graham Phillips) has grown up relying on an unconventional guardian: the goat-trekking sage, Goat Man (David Duchovny). So when Ellis leaves the alternative ways of his desert home for a stuffy East Coast prep school, changes are in store for everyone.

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