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Title: Gorgon Video Double Feature
Released: 24th March 2015
SRP: $24.98

Further Details:
The cult titans of the VHS horror, Gorgon Video, are slowly putting their back catalogue onto Blu-ray. Now they've announced a double feature release of two of director Arthur Marks' sexploitation favourites. There are no extras mentioned in the press release, but it will be a two disc set.

The Roommates

Quote: Four beautiful college roommates and a sexy stewardess are in for much more excitement than they planned for when a summer getaway in the woods turns into a bloody fight for their lives. Looking to spend a swinging summer at Lake Arrowhead, Carla, Beth, Brea, Heather and Heather's shapely cousin Paula head to the picturesque hills for a little R&R. The usual raised eyebrows from the resort's male crowd follow them wherever they go as they split up and find summer jobs, spend a little refreshing time in the water, and fall into the occasional seasonal romance. But soon a shadow is cast over the girls' sunny vacation when a mysterious murderer begins picking off the lake's bevy of beauties. Genre favorites Pat Woodell, Roberta Collins, Christina Hart, Marki Bey and Connie Strickland star.

A Woman For All Men

Quote: Karen Petrie (Judith Brown) is a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past. When she becomes millionaire widower Walter McCoy's (legendary actor Keenan Wynn) new belle, it ignites a flurry of jealousy and passion in Walter's two twentysomething sons. Soon Karen's seductive spell is cast on the whole family, including housekeeper Sarah (Lois Hall, Dead Again), leading to a string of deception, crime and eventually murder. Also starring in this tale of dangerous temptation are Alex Rocco ( The Godfather) and Andrew Robinson ( Dirty Harry).

Gorgon Video Double Feature

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