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Title: Happy Feet (IMDb)
Starring: N/A (Animation)
Released: 27th March 2007
SRP: $28.98

Further Details:
Warner Home Video has announced animated flick Happy Feet which features the voices of Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy, Elijah Wood, Hugo Weaving, Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams, and the late Steve Irwin. The disc will be available to own from the 27th March for around $28.98. The film itself will be presented in 2.40:1 anamorphic widescreen, along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 EX track. Extras will include two new fully animated sequences (Mumble Meets a Blue Whale and A Happy Feet Moment), a Dance Like a Penguin: Stomp to the Beat feature, two music videos (Gia's Hit Me Up and Prince's The Song of the Heart), and the classic cartoon - I Love to Singa. We've attached the official artwork below.

HD DVD/Combo and Blu-ray releases will also be available from the 27th, and priced at around $34.99 a pop. Each will carry a high definition widescreen presentation, along with English Dolby Surround EX 5.1 tracks. The extra material will be identical to that of the standard DVD. We've attached the artwork below:

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