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Title: Homeboy (IMDb)
Starring: Mickey Rourke
Released: 1st September 2009
SRP: $14.98

Further Details:
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced Homeboy which stars Mickey Rourke, and Christopher Walken. The 1988 film will be available to own from the 1st September, and should retail at around $14.98. The film itself will be presented in newly remastered widescreen, along with an English 2.0 Stereo track. As far as we know, no extra material will be included.



Quote: Johnny Walker (Rourke) is a punch-drunk, alcoholic boxer whose best days are behind him.  In an effort to raise money for his girlfriend’s financially troubled arcade, he considers an offer to take part in a heist of a jewelry store from Wesley Pendergrass (Walken), a promoter and smooth-talking hood.  However, Johnny is tempted back into the ring by a large prize payout, even though a blow to his fractured temple bone could kill him.

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