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Title: Hostel: Part II (IMDb)
Starring: Lauren German
Released: 23rd October 2007
SRP: $28.95

Further Details:
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has revealed early details on Hostel: Part II which stars Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, and Heather Matarazzo. This "shocking" sequel will be available to own from the 23rd October, and should retail at around $28.95. Extras will include an Eli Roth commentary, a second commentary with Gabriel Roth and Quentin Tarantino, and a third commentary with Eli Roth, Lauren German, Richard Burgi and Vera Jordanova. Completing the package will be a “Hostel Part II: The Next Level” behind the scenes featurette, a “The Art of KNB Effects” featurette, another featurette on set design, an International Television Special, a Blood and Guts montage, deleted scenes, Elvis Mitchell of “The Treatment” Interview with Eli Roth, and Factory Torture Cams. A Blu-ray edition will also be available for $38.96. This will include all of the above extra material, along with some additional "Factory Torture Footage" exclusive to the Blu-ray edition.

Also available from the 23rd October will be a director's cut of the original Hostel which includes the original ending, as well as an all-new bonus disc. Extras will include a commentary with director Eli Roth, a second commentary with Roth, Tarantino, Boaz Yakin and Scott Spiegel, a third commentary with Roth, actors Barbara Nedeljakova and Eythor Gudjonsson, editor George Folsey, Jr. and journalist Harry Knowles, and a fourth commentary with Roth, producer Chris Biggs and documentarian Gabriel Roth. Completing the package will be five new featurettes (Music and Sound, Set Design, KNB Effects, An Icelandic Meal with Actor Eythor Gudjonsson, and Takashi Miike Interview), a “Hostel Dismembered” International TV special, a KCRW radio interview with Roth by Elvis Mitchell, a “Kill The Car” multi-angle featurette, a three part behind-the-scenes featurette, ten deleted scenes, four photo galleries, and the option to choose between the theatrical or director's cut endings. We've attached some artwork below:

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