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Title: How to Die in Oregon (IMDb)
Starring: N/A (Documentary)
Released: 14th February 2012
SRP: $29.95

Further Details:
New Video Group has announced a DVD release of How to Die in Oregon which looks at the powerful stories surrounding physician-assisted suicide in Oregon. The film will be available to own from February 14th, and should retail at around $29.95. Extras will include deleted scenes including Paul Darley’s story and a follow up with Nancy Niedzielski, the theatrical trailer, a filmmaker bio and Docurama trailers. We've attached the official package artwork below:

How to Die in Oregon


Quote: Director Peter Richardson’s film presents an emotional yet life-affirming look at death and dying through the eyes of the terminally ill as they consider whether to end their lives by lethal overdose. With the support and trust of his subjects and their families, Richardson is given unprecedented access to some of their most private and vulnerable moments as they share intimate stories and experiences with illness and their struggle in deciding whether to end their life.

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