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Title: Immortals (IMDb)
Starring: Henry Cavill
Released: 5th March 2012
SRP: £19.99 (DVD) £24.99 (BD)

Further Details:
Universal Pictures UK has announced the DVD and Blu-ray release of Immortals for the 30th of January, priced at around £19.99 and £24.99 respectively. A Blu-ray 3D release will also be available. Details of bonus material can be found below, along with the artwork.

  • Carravaggio Fight Club (Tarsem’s Vision, A Matter of Perspective, Immortal Warriors, Setting a Score (BD Only)
  • Excerpt from "Immortals: Gods & Heroes" Comic Book (50-60 Still Images) (BD Only)
  • It’s No Myth
  • Alternate Opening Scene – Young Theseus
  • Alternate Endings (This is Our Last Embrace; Theseus Kills Hyperion)
  • Deleted  Scenes
    • Lysander Defects to the Heraklions
    • Hellenics Arrive at Mount Tartarus
    • Zeus Confronts Poseidon
    • The Minotaur Tracks Our Heroes
    • The Young Gods Discuss the Epirus Bow
    • Mondragon and Beastmaster Report to Hyperion
    • Helios Reports To Cassander
    • Hyperion Curses the Gods


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