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Title: In America
Starring: Samantha Morton
Released: May 5, 2004 (rental)

Further Details

Also in today were the press releases for 20th Century Fox's May line-up. First in line was the coming-of-age drama In America, which looks at a contemporary Irish family finding their feet in New York City. Starring Samanth Morton, the film was received extremely well by critics and was nominated for three Academy Awards a couple of months ago.

The disc looks impressive, with an extras package that contains a making of featurette, an audio commentary with director Jim Sheridan and deleted scenes. You can rent the DVD from May 5, 2004, though there's no word when it will surface in retail stores as yet. More details as they come to hand, but for now take a look at some menu shots below.

In America
In America
In America
In America

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