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Title: Inception (IMDb)
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio
Released: 7th December 2010
SRP: $28.98

Further Details:
Warner Home Video has announced DVD ($28.98) and Blu-ray/DVD Combo ($35.99) releases of Inception for December 7th. Extras on the DVD release will include featurettes ("The Inception of Inception", "The Japanese Castle: The Dream is Collapsing", "Constructing Paradoxical Architecture - Designing the Staircase to Nowhere", "The Freight Train - Constructing the Street-Faring Express Train"). The Blu-ray release will include an Extraction Mode in which you learn how Christopher Nolan, Leonardo
DiCaprio and the rest of the cast and crew designed and achieve the movie's signature moments, a Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious Documentary, an Inception: The Cobol Job Digital Motion Comic, Project Somnacin: Confidential Files (via BD-Live), and a digital copy of the film. We've attached the official package artwork for each release below:



Quote: Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in this sci-fi actioner that travels around the globe and into the world of dreams. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the best there is at extraction: stealing valuable secrets inside the subconscious during the mind’s vulnerable dream state. His skill has made him a coveted player in industrial espionage but also has made him a fugitive and cost him dearly. Now he may get a second chance if he can do the impossible: inception, planting an idea rather than stealing one. If they succeed, Cobb and his team could pull off the perfect crime. But no planning or expertise can prepare them for a dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy only Cobb could have seen coming.

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