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Title: Interview with the Vampire
Starring: Tom Cruise
Released: 30th September 2014
SRP: $19.98

Further Details:
Warner Brothers will be re-releasing Neil Jordan's

Interview with the Vampire

, just in time for it's 20th Anniversary. The press release does not include A/V specs, but states that extras will include a new featurette entitled Lestat, Louis, and the Vampire Phenomenon, a conversation with author Anne Rice about her 'influence on the new wave of vampires as heroes and anti-heroes,' along with older extras, like a commentary track, In the Shadow of the Vampire, and 'more.'

Interview with the Vampire

Quote: An all-superstar cast brings the undead to eternal life in director Neil Jordan’s chilling adaptation of the best-selling novel by Anne Rice (who also wrote the screenplay). When grieving 18th century mortal Louis (Brad Pitt) accepts an offer of everlasting life from the charismatic vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise), he quickly realizes that his dark gift is also a curse that requires him to kill to survive. An eternity of blood, lust and torment awaits in this thrilling and visually stunning film that redefined the vampire genre.

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