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Title: Jackie Brown (IMDb)
Starring: Pam Grier
Released: 4th October 2011
SRP: $19.99

Further Details:
Along with

Pulp Fiction

, Lionsgate and Miramax will be releasing

Jackie Brown

on Blu-ray, including extras (which appear to mostly match the Miramax Special Edition DVD), and the promise of a transfer 'remastered under the filmmaker's direct supervision' and 'new high definition lossless audio and 1080P video' (no specific audio specs are given).

Blu-ray disc special features are as follows:
  • Critic's Corner: Then and Now - NEW
  • "Jackie Brown: How It Went Down" featurette
  • "A Look Back at Jackie Brown" - Interview with Quentin Tarantino
  • Chicks With Guns Video
  • Siskel & Ebert "At the Movies" - Jackie Brown Review
  • Jackie Brown on MTV
  • Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots
  • Stills Gallery

Jackie Brown

Quote: A sexy flight attendant (Grier) is caught in a plot between the police and an arms dealer, and everyone's looking for the payoff. There are six unlikely players on the trail for a big score - a half million dollars in cash. But alliances are shaky when its unclear who is playing and who is getting played.

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