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Title: Jennifer's Body (IMDb)
Starring: Megan Fox
Released: 29th December 2009
SRP: $29.98 (DVD)

Further Details:
Fox Home Entertainment has announced 1-disc DVD ($29.98) and 2-disc Blu-ray ($39.99) releases of Jennifer's Body for the 29th December. Each will include theatrical and extended cuts of the film. The only extra material on the DVD release will be a commentary with Director Karyn Kusama (and Writer Diablo Cody on the theatrical cut commentary). The Blu-ray release will include that, along with deleted scenes ("Dead Boys", "Jennifer Check Is Gross", "Needy Confronts Jennifer", "Who’s Cindy Crawford?", "Needy Faces The Band", "Ass, Gas or Grass"), video diaries, featurettes ("Jennifer’s Body: The Dead Pool", "Megan Fox Is HOT", "Megan Fox Peer Pressure PSA", "Fox Movie Channel Presents ‘Life After Film School’ With Writer Diablo Cody"), a gag reel, and a digital copy of the extended cut. We've attached the official package artwork for each release below:

Revised Artwork

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer's Body

Original Artwork

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer's Body

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