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JVC World Cup Announcment JVC is launching its AV-42PD20 42-inch (106-cm) Wide Plasma Display TV in time for tomorrow's FIFA World Cup kick off.  The AV-42PD20 is touted as the ideal 'big screen' to watch the 2002 FIFA World Cup in style (and I reckon it'd play a pretty mean DVD too). It features a slim, floor-standing design that is attractive and allows easy positioning anywhere around the home. The built in sound system offers promising home cinema audio performance without adding extra speakers or making tedious adjustments.

Key Features

- JVC DigiPure Pro Picture Improvement for images of unparalleled quality
- 3D Sound System providing a rich theatre-like experience
- Picture and Picture split screen facility
- Picture and Text ideal for watching the game whilst keeping an eye on the rest of the action and results
- One box Solution easy set up Floor Standing design for easy positioning
- PC Input Terminal that turns it quickly into a display monitor for a computer

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