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KiSS Technology, a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of DVD products throughout the world, recently announced the DP-450, the first DVD player to offer compatibility with certain versions of DivX video technology.

The KiSS DP-450, set for release in late October, will enable playback of videos encoded in DivX versions 4.xx and 5.xx. Additionally, the two companies are working closely together to develop future products that will be “DivX Certified” and offer full compatibility with all versions of DivX video. DivX video compression technology, often called the “MP3 of video,” offers 7-10 times greater compression than MPEG-2 technology with no loss in visual quality. To date, DivX has been downloaded over 70 million times worldwide

Bo Lustrup, Marketing Manager from KiSS Technology, had this to say: “Our new progressive Scan DP-450 DVD Player with DivX support is hitting the market exactly at the right time and the right price of €400. We believe that it is important to offer our users support for DivX video above and beyond other video technologies for a number of reasons. The incredible visual quality, significant brand equity, and vast global demand for DivX video makes the technology a must-have for next-generation video electronics devices, and the addition of DivX compatibility to the DP-450 will give our product a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

We have it on good authority that there has already been a significant amount of interest in this new DivX capable player, and you can rest assured we’ll be keeping you up to date on exactly where you’ll be able to get your hands on your very own DP-450. For the time being however, you’ll just have to be content with a few technical deatils and some pictures.

Key Features:

DVD, MPEG-4 and DivX playback
CD/MP3 Playback
Photo Album
Progressive Scan


KiSS Technology's DP-450 to support DivX
KiSS Technology's DP-450 to support DivX

Further images and a .pdf file with complete specifications can be obtained from KiSS Technology’s website.

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