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Title: Leviathan
Starring: Peter Weller
Released: 19th August 2014
SRP: $24.97

Further Details:
Scream Factory announced quite a while ago that they would be releasing George Pan Cosmatos' at the end of their 2014 summer slate, but they didn't have full specs until today:
  • A new 1080p, 2.35:1 transfer
  • DTS-HD Master Audio stereo sound
  • New Interviews with actors Hector Elizondo, Ernie Hudson and creature effects artists Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.
  • Theatrical Trailer


Quote: On the dark and forbidding ocean floor, the crew of a deep-sea mission rig discovers a sunken freighter that harbors a deadly secret: a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. With a storm raging on the surface and no hope of rescue, the captain and his team are propelled into a spine-tingling battle for survival against the ultimate foe – a hideous monster that cannot die...and lives to kill!

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