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Title: Lionsgate 4K Announcements
Released: 19th September 2017
SRP: $22.99

Further Details:

Conan the Barbarian

  • Audio Commentary With Director Marcus Nispel
  • Audio Commentary With Actors Jason Momoa and Rose McGowan
  • The Conan Legacy Featurette
  • Robert E. Howard: The Man Who Would Be Conan Featurette
  • Battle Royal: Engineering the Action Featurette
  • Staging the Fights Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

Lionsgate 4K Announcements

Quote: A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.


The Legend of Hercules

  • Audio Commentary with Director Renny Harlin and Actor Kellan Lutz
  • The Making of The Legend of Hercules Featurette

Lionsgate 4K Announcements

Quote: Banished by his stepfather, the king, Hercules slowly becomes aware of his true origins as the son of Zeus. As he learns to harness his demigod powers, Hercules gathers an army to fight his way back to his kingdom in this action-filled epic.

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