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Title: Mad Monster Party (IMDb)
Starring: N/A (Animation)
Released: 8th September 2009
SRP: $14.98

Further Details:
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced a special edition of Mad Monster Party which features the voice of horror film legend Boris Karloff. The disc will be available to own from the 8th September, and should retail at around $14.98. The film itself will be presented in 1.33:1 full frame, along with an English Mono track. Extras will include a Groovy Ghouls: The Making of Mad Monster Party featurette that includes interviews with cast and crew and the official Rankin Bass historian, 2 bonus sing-a-longs for kids of all ages, and the theatrical trailer. We've attached our first look at the official package artwork below:

Mad Monster Party


Quote: Baron Von Frankenstein has decided to retire as the head of the Worldwide Organization of Monsters.  But first, he must inform the other monsters about his plans.  How to deliver the news?  How else - through a Mad Monster Party!  Von Frankenstein’s guests include a who’s who of Halloween favorites, including The Werewolf, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Mummy, The Invisible Man and more. But who among them is fit to be the new head of the monsters? Find out in this frighteningly fun holiday classic from Rankin Bass (“Rudolph the  Red-Nosed Reindeer”) that will leave kids of all ages howling with delight!

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