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Title: National Lampoon's Bag Boy (IMDb)
Starring: Brooke Shields
Released: 15th July 2008
SRP: $26.95

Further Details:
Arts Alliance America will be releasing the forthcoming National Lampoon title, Bag Boy on 15th July. This release marks the first film to be produced in-house by National Lampoon in the last eighteen years. In this "bags to riches" film which stars Brooke Shields, Dennis Farina, Marika Dominczyk and Paul Campbell, a grocery store clerk hits the road to compete in the international competitive bagging championships, whilst on the look-out for the girl of his dreams.

Special features include: cast interviews, a behind-the-scenes featurette, real footage from the National Grocer's Association competitive bagging competition held in Las Vegas, "hilarious" Cart Wrangler episodes, National Lampoon trailers and more. The main feature will be presented in a widescreen aspect ratio, running for 91 minutes with a PG-13 rating and optional Spanish subtitles.

National Lampoon's Bag Boy

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