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Title: Nekromantik 2: Limited Edition
Starring: The Loving Dead
Released: 10th February 2014
SRP: 34.95, 29.95

Further Details:
News from the folks at Cult Epics:
[quote]From director Jorg Buttgereit comes

Nekromantik 2

, the gore horror sequel to his 1987 classic Nekromantik. Monika (Monika M.) is a beautiful necrophiliac who lives alone in Berlin. By day she works as a nurse. By night she prowls through cemeteries while searching for fresh corpses. When she reads about the suicide of Rob (Daktari Lorenz) she finds his grave to dig up his body and brings it home. Mark (Mark Reeder) lives across town and makes his living dubbing "sex films". After meeting Monika, romance blossoms and they fall in love. But all is not well in Monika's world. Her relationship with Mark begins to falter and she has to make a final choice between loving the living or the dead.

Officially banned in Germany for years upon release, Cult Epics is proud to present Nekromantik 2, Uncut and Uncensored in a new High Definition transfer. The Blu-ray release will be limited to 5000 copies and the DVD to 2000 copies. They will include:
  • New Director's Approved HD transfer (1.33:1), taken from the original 16mm negative (1080p Blu-ray, 480p compressed for the DVD, naturally)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Original German Soundtracks
  • New Introduction by Jorg Buttgereit (2014)
  • Audio Commentary by Jorg Buttgerei, co-author Franz Rodenkirchen, and actors Monika M. and Mark Reeder
  • The Making of Nekromantik 2
  • Still Photo Gallery
  • Jorg Buttgereit Trailers
  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Original Live Version of the Motion Picture Soundtrack (2011)20th Anniversary Live Concert performed by Monika M. and Friends - Video (2011)
  • A Moment of Silence At the Grave of Ed Gein, Short film by Jorg Buttgereit (2012)
  • Half Girl - 'Lemmy, I'm A Feminist,' Music video by Jorg Buttgereit (2014)
  • Nekromantik 2 Collectible Artwork by Johnny Ryan & Nekrophilia photo of Monika M.

Nekromantik 2: Limited Edition

Nekromantik 2: Limited Edition

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