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Title: New Firmware for the OPDV971H
Released: 25th October 2005
SRP: Free!

Further Details

Following on from our review of this hardware, Oppo Digital have updated the machines firmware to OP971-D-1022. This can freely be downloaded from their support site and burnt onto a CD using any kind of CD writing software which supports ISO files. In case you need confirmation then I can tell you Nero worked fine for this when tested. Here is a summary of the updates included in this release:
  • Added support for 2:2 Cadence for PAL playback. This feature is not perfect yet, please see the note above and review the Release Notes for more details.
  • Proper DivX aspect ratio support. 4:3 content will no longer be stretched to fit the screen.
  • Enhanced DVD+R Dual Layer support.
  • Fixed TrueLife turning off DCDi. Turning Off TrueLife functionality will now retain all DCDi functionality.
  • Added Noise Reduction function.
  • Fixed Frame Stepping for Black remote users.
  • Fixed proper aspect ratio support while zooming.
  • Added support for DTS and Dolby Digital tracks on DVD-Audio discs
  • Added memory function for single ejected disc
  • Added Random and Shuffle functionality for Audio CD playback.
  • Increased the DVI mode change display time.
  • Added firmware Version display through OSD button.
  • Added support for DivX Digital Right Management (DRM) and Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Increased baseline Brightness. Default Brightness is now equivalent to “+5” in previous firmware.
  • Changed user interface font to Arial.

For full notes or to download the update please visit: Oppo Digital

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