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New ReviewsJust a quick post to let you know of some of the latest reviews added to over the last couple of days. May I also take this opportunity to welcome some new staff members. Firstly, Chris Gould has just uploaded his review for Final Fantasy featuring the voices of Ming Na, Steve Buscemi, James Woods, Donald Sutherland, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin. To read the review simply click here.
Next, new reviewer David Elliot has reviewed The Wizard of Gore starring Ray Sager, Judy Cler, Wayne Ratay and Phil Laurenson. To read his review, simply click  here.

Next we have 2 reviews of Legally Blonde by Chris Gould and new reviewer Mike Gray. The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Luke Wilson, Matthew Davis, Jennifer Coolidge and Ali Larter. To read Chris' review click here and to read Mike's review click here.

That's all for now, welcome to the new staff..I look forward to working with you throughout 2002!

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