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Title: One Step Beyond (IMDb)
Starring: John Newland
Released: 15th September 2009
SRP: Price TBC

Further Details:
Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the 1st season of One Step Beyond for the 15th September. The set will include the first 22 episodes, each of which will be presented in full screen along with English Mono tracks. As far as we know, no extra material will be included on this one but we'll let you know if that changes. We've attached the official artwork below:

One Step Beyond


Quote: One Step Beyond was mainly filmed at M-G-M Studios, Hollywood, and partly at M-G-M British Studios, Borehamwood, Herts. It premiered nine months before The Twilight Zone, and was also known as Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond. All episodes are directed by Newland himself, a dab hand whose trademark is subtle, balletic camera work. This series fed the nation's growing interest in paranormal suspense in a different way. Rather than creating fictional stories with supernatural twists and turns, this program sought out 'real' stories of the supernatural, including ghosts, disappearances, monsters, etc., and re-creating them for each episode. No solutions to these mysteries were ever found, and viewers could only scratch their heads and wonder, "what if it's real?"

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