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Title: Pacific Rim (IMDb)
Starring: Charlie Hunnam
Released: 11th November 2013
SRP: £19.99 (DVD) £24.99 (BD)

Further Details:
Warner Home Video has announced the DVD and Blu-ray release of Pacific Rim for the 11th of November, priced at around £19.99 and £24.99 respectively. There will also be a Blu-ray 3D release for around £26.99 and a limited edition Blu-ray Steelbook, which should come in at around £29.99. You can find details of all of the bonus material we currently know about, along with the artwork.

DVD Release

  • Blooper Reel
  • The Wall of Life/Rations
  • Excuse Me
  • Theft
  • Catch You in the Drift, Dad
  • Audio Commentary by Guillermo Del Toro

Pacific Rim

Blu-ray Release

  • A Film By Guillermo Del Toro
  • A Primer On Kaijus & Jaegers
  • Intricacy of Robot Design
  • Honoring The Kaiju Tradition
  • The Importance Of Mass And Scale
  • Shatterdome Ranger Roll Call
  • Jaegers Echo Human Grace
  • Inside the Drift
  • Goth-Tech
  • Mega Sized Sets
  • Baby Kaiju Set Visit
  • Tokyo Alley Set Visit
  • Orchestral Sounds From The Anteverse
  • Audio Commentary by Guillermo Del Toro

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim

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