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Title: Perth (IMDb)
Released: 16th January 2007
SRP: $24.99

Further Details:
Tartan USA will be releasing the award winning drama Perth on 16th January 2007. Directed by Djinn, this film has won Best Film at the 14th Lyon Asian Film Festival and at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. The DVD includes both a Dolby Digital 5.1 and a DTS 5.1 track featuring: English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hokkien and Malay with support for subtitles in English and Spanish. No extra features have been announced, but here's the synopsis and cover artwork.

"Harry Lee, a part-time security guard and taxi driver wants nothing to do with the fast-paced, status-driven society that has left him behind so he sets off for his idea of paradise, the Western Australian city of Perth. His attempt to migrate is complicated when he takes on a job ferrying prostitutes. The situation becomes increasingly volatile when he takes an unhealthy interest in one Vietnamese prostitute, which awakens within him a dark and dangerous attempt at personal redemption."

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