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Title: Phantom Racer (IMDb)
Starring: Nicole Eggert
Released: 16th February 2010
SRP: $14.93

Further Details:
Vivendi Entertainment has announced Phantom Racer which stars Nicole Eggert, Greg Evigan, Adam Battrick, and Brenna O'Brien. The disc will be available to own from the 16th February, and should retail at around $14.93. As far as we know, no extra material will be included. We've attached our first look at the official package artwork below:

Phantom Racer


Quote: Seventeen years ago, NASCAR racer Cutter McCullough died in a fiery crash.  But death can't stop a man driven by revenge.  He and his car are back from the grave to settle a score with his old girlfriend Tammy and his rival JJ Sawyer.  Now JJ, Tammy, and their daughter, Jesse, are hitting the road with the Phantom Racer on their tail.  It slices, it dices, and it's not going to rest in hell until old rivals are road kill.

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