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Maintaining its tradition of superior innovation, Pioneer today announced their latest new home cinema system, the NS-DV990, which is due for release this month. The system comes with a pearly white main unit and separate LCD aluminium display, together with flat panel speakers and universal playback, to deliver a fully-fledged cinematic experience in the home. The system features an entirely new acoustic design concept, NXT SurfaceSound, based on Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology. It produces uniquely even sound coverage throughout the room.

The NS-DV990 home cinema system offers an astoundingly realistic home cinema experience that includes five surround modes. Other features include:

- Six-channel amplifier with a total of 450 W RMS, promising an enthralling sound experience
- Dolby Pro Logic II with extended music parameters to give high-fidelity surround sound even from non-surround sound sources
- Virtual Surround Back mode to produce a convincing "phantom" sound source behind the user
- Built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
- Dialogue enhancement using the left and right speakers in addition to the centre speaker to enhance reproduction of the dialogue
- Easy room and listening position set up so that the sound can be adjusted for maximum impact

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