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Title: Point Blank
Starring: Lee Marvin
Released: 8th July 2014
SRP: $19.98

Further Details:
Hidden in the archives of the Warner Brothers Home Entertainment press site is a brief mention of a Blu-ray release of John Boorman's brilliant Richard Stark adaptation,

Point Blank

. Semi-remade as Payback, this is one of the greatest crime films of the '60s and a must-own, as far as I'm concerned. There are no specs listed, but we can probably assume WB will reuse the DVD's minimal extras and mono sound (though, hopefully it'll be lossless).

Edit: The new press release claims it will have the same John Boorman/Steven Soderbergh commentary track and The Rock vintage featurette that the DVD had.

Point Blank

Quote: They double-crossed Walker, took his $93,000 cut of the heist and left him for dead, but they didn't finish the job. Big mistake. He - someday, somehow - is going to finish them. Lee Marvin is in full antihero mode as remorseless Walker, talking the talk and walking the walk in John Boorman's (Deliverance) edgy neo-noir classic filled with imaginative New Wave style, blunt dialogue and Walker's relentless quest that, one by one, smashes into the corporate pecking order of a crime group called the Organization.

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