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Title: Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (IMDb)
Starring: Shawna Waldron
Released: 20th April 2009
SRP: £24.99

Further Details:
Entertainment in Video has announced the Blu-ray release of Poison Ivy: The Secret Society for the 20th of April, priced at around £24.99. Artwork can be found below, but no bonus material has been announced for the release.

Danielle 'Daisy' Brookes (Miriam McDonald) is an orphan who leaves her country ranch and her boyfriend to pursue a degree at Beckshire College. Her first days on campus are better than she’d ever hoped. The young freshman is noticed by the Dean’s handsome son, Blake (Ryan Kennedy), wins a much sought-after scholarship and is 'tapped' by the exclusive Ivy Society. Daisy soon finds out however that the Ivies are more than a close-knit, secret sisterhood. They are hot-blooded temptresses with cold-blooded ambition who will seduce, blackmail and even murder anyone who gets in their way... even if she’s one of their own! Dean Graves (Catherine Hicks), a former Ivy, has been covering up the society’s murderous past. Daisy fails to fully become an Ivy. Instead, she teams up with Blake to take the society down once and for all. But can she stay alive long enough to stop the Ivies’ cruel intentions..?

Poison Ivy: The Secret Society

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