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Title: Restless (IMDb)
Starring: Henry Hopper
Released: 24th January 2012
SRP: $45.99

Further Details:
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a DVD/Blu-ray Combo ($45.99) release of Restless which stars Henry Hopper, Mia Wasikowska, and Ryo Kase. The disc will be available to own from January 24th, and should retail at around $45.99. Extras will include featurettes ("Gus Van Sant’s Silent Version of Restless", "Enoch & Annabel: One Love", "Enoch & Hiroshi: The Best of Friends", "Gus Van Sant: Independent Voice", "Being Restless", "Coming to Life: This is Restless"), and deleted scenes.



Quote: From acclaimed director Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting) comes a quirky, coming-of-age love story between a young man (Henry Hopper) who has given up on life and a beautiful, charming young girl (Mia Wasikowska) who possesses a deep-felt love of life and the natural world. When these two outsiders chance to meet at a funeral, they find an unexpected common ground in their unique experiences of the world. Produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard and Gus Van Sant.

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