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Title: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Starring: Elijah Wood & Ian McKellen
Released: November 2004 (TBC)

Further Details

Reader Jesper Højland has kindly got in touch with us regarding the runtime for the upcoming extended cut of The Return of the King. You may remember that a journalist spoke with Peter Jackson late last year, where the director revealed that the extended cut of King would run to a whopping four hours and fifty minutes. However, that wasn't entirely accurate. Jesper tells us that he contacted the interviewer to clarify the runtime, and it turns out that the film will instead run to a total of four hours and fifteen minutes. We've attached the interviewers response to Jesper (in Danish) along with the translation below:

"Du har ret, du er ikke den første, der reagerer på min tidsangivelse i interviewet med Peter Jackson. Han sagde rent faktisk 4 timer og 15 minutter. Det er pænt af dig, ikke at betvivle mine engelsk-kundskaber. Skal vi i stedet sige, at jeg måske trænger til et hørerør!?!"

Roughly translated, it means:

"You're right, you're not the first to react to the running time mentioned in the Peter Jackson interview. What he DID say was 4 hours and 15 minutes. It is very nice of you not to doubt my English skills. Shall we just say that I might be in need of a hearing aid?!"

Return of the King: EE

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