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Title: Rio (IMDb)
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg
Released: 24th October 2011
SRP: £24.99 (DVD £29.99 (BD)

Further Details:
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced the DVD and Blu-ray release of Rio for the 24th of October, priced at around £24.99 and £29.99 respectively. Technical details can be found below, along with the artwork.

DVD Release

  • Introduction by "Blu"
  • Deleted Scene - "Fruit Stand"
  • Taio Cruz "Telling the World" music video
  • Angry Birds Videos
  • Digital copy


Blu-ray  Release

  • Introduction by "Blu": Blu himself welcomes viewers to watch the film at home
  • Rio de JAM-ero Jukebox: turn on this jukebox and watch only the musical numbers in the film
  • Carnival Dance-o-Rama: follow the steps on your screen to dance along with your favorite characters as they do a little Samba!
  • Explore the World of Rio: navigate through this interactive map and get to know the locations in Rio...beaches, city, jungle and soccer stadium
  • Boom-Boom Tish Tish: The Sounds of Rio: led by Sergio Mendez experience the sounds of Rio and the wonderful world of Brazilian music
  • The Real Rio: explore Rio with Director Carlos Saldanha and members of his filmmaking team during early production of the film
  • Saving the Species: One Voice at a Time: from voice casting to animation, here's an insider's look at bringing the entertaining characters of Rio to life
  • The Making of "Hot Wings": go behind-the-scenes of the making of this song with and Jamie Foxx
  • Deleted Scene - "Fruit Stand"
  • Music Videos
    • Taio Cruz "Telling the World"
    • "Welcome to Rio"
  • Create your own Postcards from Rio - BD Interactive Exclusive: use film clips and your favorite characters to build and save your very own electronic postcard from Rio
  • Angry Birds Videos
    • Nigel Mash Up
    • Instructional Video
    • Trailer


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