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Title: Rogue River (IMDb)
Starring: Bill Moseley
Released: 5th June 2012
SRP: $26.98

Further Details:
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced a DVD release of Rogue River for June 5th. Retail will be around $26.98. The only extra material will be 2 featurettes ("Rogue River: A Look Inside the Madness", "Rogue River: The Extra Bite"). Art is attached:

Rogue River


Quote: Taking a trip into the isolated wilderness of Oregon to scatter her father’s ashes, Mara (Page) meets a kindly older gentleman, Jon (Moseley), who offers her a ride after her car has been towed by the local sheriff.  She begrudgingly accepts only to be abducted later by Jon and subjected to various methods of emotional and physical torture.  Risking everything to escape this hell, Mara won’t stop running until she finds safety.

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