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Scream Factory had some updates, including a surprise new title announcement:

Quote: Good morning everyone! It’s been some time since we announced a whole slew of titles way back in early July so we felt it was about time to give you an update on some of them (and others not in that list) plus also reveal another obscure 80s thriller we have lined up for you:

White of the Eye

– From the Director of Demon Seed, this 1987 thriller will be coming to DVD & Blu-ray for the first time this November. The film Stars David Keith, Cathy Moriarty, and Alan Rosenberg. Expect pre-order links and a confirmed street date to go up sometime in the next two weeks. The artwork you see here is reversible (with the one on the left being newly-commissioned).

Scream Factory Updates

Here's an updated release schedule:
  • Eli Roth's The Stranger (10/1)
  • The Return of Count Yorga (10/13)
  • The Larry Fessenden Collection (10/20)
  • Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight & Bordello of Blood (10/20)
  • Human Centipede III and Human Centipede: The Complete Sequence (10/27)
  • Army of Darkness (10/27) – Full list of extras will formally announced in early Sept. We’ll leave you with a tease though: it is now a 3-disc Blu-ray set.
  • Death Becomes Her – Originally planned for November its now been moved to the early half of 2016 but for good reasons! We’ll keep our fingers crossed and explain later on this year.
  • Troll & Troll 2 double feature on Blu-ray is now planned for a 11/17 release. Extras are in the works and pre-order links will be going up by end of the month.
  • Blood & Lace – This long-lost slasher film from 1971 finally releases on a DVD & Blu-ray combo on 11/24 and a new HD transfer for it is completed!
  • Ghost Story – Circle 11/24 on your calendars for this spooky and winter-filled tale of revenge. Extras are in progress but we have a fantastic one already produced and will share at a later date. Pre-order links will be going up by end of the month.
  • The Car – We’re aiming to park this in December. Heads up: For some strange legal reason we are not able to use the original theatrical or international poster art on our release and so a newly-designed piece has been created. Once that’s officially approved, we’ll share it with you and confirm a street date.
  • Women's Prison Massacre, Garbage Pail Kids, and Nightmares – All blu-rays are expected for Dec. No other details to report at this time.
  • Jack's Back & The Guardian – Prepare to start off the new year with fear. Currently both releases are scheduled for Jan.
  • No movement yet on a release date yet for Destroyer (sorry!). We are still have issues with retrieving suitable film elements.
  • The Serpent and the Rainbow is now looking to strike in Feb or March 2016.

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