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Title: Shoujo - An Adolescent (IMDb)
Starring: Eiji Okuda
Released: 3rd November 2006
SRP: $28.73

Further Details:
The Taki Corporation are all set for the November 3rd release of Shoujo - An Adolescent on Japanese region two DVD. Expect an anamorphic widescreen transfer with Japanese audio in Dolby Digital 5.1. Furthermore, optional English subtitles will be provided. CD Japan and Yes Asia have this for around $28.73 and $32.49 respectively.

A staple of Japanese cinema, character actor Okuda Eiji made his directorial debut in 2001 with the controversial Shoujo - An Adolescent. Based on a novel by Renjyo Mikihiko, Shoujo garnered much international acclaim and won the Grand Prix at the 17th Paris Film Festival. Okuda, who also starred in the film, breaks taboos with an unsettling, yet touching, Lolita-like suburban romance.

Tomokowa (Okuda Eiji), a bored middle-aged police officer in a quiet suburb, often cruises around town searching for lonely housewives and sexual liaisons. One day, he encounters Yoko (Ozawa Mayu), a 15-year-old prostitute who tries to sell him her services. It turns out that Yoko and her mentally slow brother Sukemasa (Shoji Akira) are the offspring of Tomokowa's former lover (Natsuki Mari). Taking the two emotionally abused teenagers under his wings, Tomokowa soon develops a very close relationship with Yoko. Can their illicit bond bring them true love and happiness?

This edition comes with making of, TV spots, and previews.

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