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Snow Dogs Rental Disney have announced a rental release for Snow Dogs starring Cuba Gooding Jr and James Coburn. Here's a little about the film: When successful Miami dentist Ted Jones (Cuba Gooding Jr) discovers that he has been adopted and his biological mother has died, he takes off to Alaska to find his roots. Upon arrival, he finds all that is left to him is a team of world champion sled dogs with minds of their own - Diesel, Scooper, Nana, Yodel, Sniff, Mack, Duchess and Demon. It's definately not puppy love at first sight as Ted begins to question whether these dogs could ever be man's best friend. Handling the mischievous mutts, particularly the *alpha* dog, Demon, turns out to be much harder than he expected. Ted spends most of his time chasing after his new furry friends or lying flat on his back as he learns to deal with the icy Alaskan conditions. The comical journey of Ted becoming the dogs' master is one not to be missed...

The DVD will carry nothing in the way of extras, these will be held back for the retail release of the film. You will be able to rent Snow Dogs from the 7th October.

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