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SpaceAcclaimed actor Sam Neill is your guide as state-of-the-art computer graphics take you on the ultimate journey beyond any known universe in Space. Experience the beautiful, astonishing and often dangerous phenomena of the universe first hand – from the vast clouds where new stars are born, to planet-guzzling monsters such as black holes.

This superb series will realise the awesome scale of space and capture the mystery and intrigue that it inspires. Space also tackles some of the biggest questions of all - are we alone? Where do we fit in? How did the universe begin? And perhaps most frightening of all, how will it end?

Space on DVD also includes a fantastic Space Facts Encyclopaedia and Photo Gallery as well as an insight into the creation of the amazing graphics that have brought this series to life. You can expect Space to be available in your local stores from the 4th February for around $AU39.95.

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