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Spider-Man coming this November Columbia Tristar have just penciled in the region two release for Spider-Man this November. The 1st November is the current date for release, but this could change. For anyone who missed the movie at the cinema, here is some info from the press release:

Peter Parker (Tobey Magure) is an ordinary guy who lives with his beloved aunt and uncle and quietly pines for the girl next door, Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). But when a genetically-modified 'super-spider' bites him while on a school trip, Peter develops unusual skills - fantastic acrobatic strength, supernatural awareness and a talent for web-spinning. It's not until tragedy strikes at home that Peter decides to use his new powers to fight crime under a secret identity: SPIDER-MAN! When the evil Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) attacks the good people of New York and endangers the life of Mary Jane, Peter commits himself to the ultimate tests: to thwart his arch-enemy and to win the heart of the girl that he loves.

Columbia Tristar have also provided us with coverart, which shows that the DVD will be a special 2 Disc release. Even though we have no news on specs, it look like the region two DVD should be identical to the region one release. We will keep you updated on any further news as we get it.

Also set for release on the same day is Stuart Little 2. The movie is currently in the cinemas, but it is no great surprise to see Columbia releasing the movie before Christmas. At the moment all we have is a release date, so once again we will keep you informed of any further news.

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