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Title: Star Wars Trilogy
Starring: Harrison Ford
Released: 21st September 2004
SRP: Various

Further Details

A company known as the Neuron Syndicate recently posted the artwork for the Star Wars Trilogy which stars Harrison Ford as the legendary Han Solo. The company is in charge of producing the packaging for the four-disc set, so this looks pretty official. Although the images were only up on the company website for a short period of time, a few of our readers kindly emailed them over to us. There are three different package designs in total. A Imperial Collection, a Final Conflict set (with good old Darth himself) and the rather ugly Jedi vs Dark Side set. Whether or not all three of these designs will be available in September is still unclear. Update: The folks at The Digital Bits are reporting that the images are indeed some early concept designs, and therefore could change significantly as the folks at Lucasfilm and Fox hone in on the final product. We'll bring you the official package artwork as soon as we have it. Stay tuned!

Sorry - Images Removed at the request of Lucasfilm!

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