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Title: Sukida (IMDb)
Starring: Ryo Kase
Released: 22nd September 2006
SRP: ¥4935

Further Details:
September 22nd marks the Japanese region two release of Sukida, the second title from writer-director Hiroshi Ishikawa. The film will be presented in an anamorphic widescreen format with Japanese audio in Dolby Digital 2.0. Furthermore, optional English and French subtitles will be provided. Both CD Japan and Yes Asia have this for ¥4935 and $43.75 respectively.


Ishikawa Hiroshi, director of the much-admired Tokyo.Sora, returns with his second feature, Su-Ki-Da, for which he has assembled a stellar cast of young thesps. Miyazaki Aoi (NANA), Eita (Kuchu Teien), Nagasaku Hiromi (Kuchu Teien), Kase Ryo (Scrap Heaven), Nishijima Hideotoshi (Dolls), Omori Nao (Vibrator) and Oyamada Sayuri (Bright Future) all appear in this touching romantic drama.

17-year-old Yu (Miyazaki Aoi) has a major crush on Yosuke (Eita), the handsome young boy who plays his guitar on the riverbank everyday. He plays the same tune again and again and it fills Yu's heart with joy and longing - but also with sadness. As much as she may love Yosuke, she knows that his affections lie elsewhere, with Yu's older sister, no less. Seventeen years later, Yu (now played by Nagasaku Hiromi) and Yosuke (now played by Nishijima Hideotoshi) meet by chance in Tokyo, reawakening long-dormant emotions within Yu's heart, but also within Yosuke's.

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