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Title: Tarzan: Special Edition
Starring: Various
Released: 9th May 2005
SRP: £21.99

Further Details

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced the release of Tarzan: Special Edition for the 9th of May. The retail price for this two-disc set is going to be somewhere in the region of £21.99, and we've attached a full list of features and artwork below.

Disc One

- Deleted Scenes
-Alternate Opening
-Terk Finds the Humans’ Camp
-Riverboat Fight
- Music & More
-"You'll Be In My Heart" music video performed By Phil Collins  
-"Strangers Like Me" music video performed By Phil Collins      
-"Trashin' The Camp" studio session with Phil Collins & 'N Sync
- Games & Activities
-Terk's Tree Surfing Challenge  
-Jungle Memory    
- Banana Round Up
-Clayton's Trap  
- DisneyPedia:  Living In The Jungle
- Backstage Disney
-Audio Commentary

Disc Two

- History & Development
-From Burroughs To Disney
-Early Presentation Reel
-Research Trip To Africa
- The Music Of Tarzan/The Making Of The Music
-Tarzan  Goes International
-Original Phil Collins Song Demos
- Story & Editorial
-Building The Story      
-Storyboard To Film Comparison
- The Characters Of Tarzan
- Animation Production
- Publicity
-Posters & Ad Campaign (stills)
-Trailer 1      
-Trailer 2      
-Trailer 3

Tarzan: Special Edition

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