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Title: The African Queen (IMDb)
Starring: Humphrey Bogart
Released: 23rd March 2010
SRP: $19.99 (DVD)

Further Details:
Paramount Home Entertainment has announced DVD ($19.99) and Blu-ray ($26.99) editions of The African Queen for the 23rd March. Meticulously restored using state-of-the-art 4K digital technology, each release will also include a new documentary entitled “Embracing Chaos: Making The African Queen”, which includes new interviews with contemporary film experts such as Martin Scorsese and incorporates home movies, archival images and more. Also available from the 23rd March will be DVD ($34.99) and Blu-ray ($43.99) Limited-Edition Box Sets which include the standard release, along with an audio disc with a recording of the Lux Radio Theater presents The African Queen radio broadcast, a Senitype® film frame collectible reproduction, collectible postcards featuring reproductions of images related to the film, and a reproduction of Katharine Hepburn’s out-of-print  memoir The Making of The African Queen or How I Went to Africa  with Bogart, Bacall and Huston and Almost Lost My Mind.

The African Queen
The African Queen

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