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Title: The Beyond
Starring: Hungry Tarantulas
Released: 10th February 2014
Further Details:

**Another Update**

Bad news, guys – there have been some problems at Grindhouse Releasing's headquarters and both

The Beyond


Massacre Mafia Style

have been pushed back again. The following appeared on the company's official Facebook page:

Quote: We are sorry to report that MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE and THE BEYOND have been delayed once again. The Criterion-style cases that we use are still not in stock. This three month shortage has been a nightmare for us since we also use these cases for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and CORRUPTION, which are also on back-order at this point. I have been told that the shipment of cases has finally arrived in the US and is on its way to our manufacturer in San Francisco via truck. They are scheduled to arrive some time next week, barring weather delays. Once the cases arrive, MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE will be assembled first and ready to ship for the new release date of March 10. THE BEYOND has more complex packaging and needs to be hand assembled. There are also considerably more pre-orders. Therefore, to be safe, our distributor has given THE BEYOND the release date of March 24. We are hoping it will be ready sooner, and it will ship as soon as it is. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for your continued patience.


Grindhouse Releasing has pushed back the Blu-ray release dates for both

The Beyond

and Duke Mitchell's Massacre Mafia Style (which was scheduled to be released the same day) from February 10th to February 24th. No reason has been given at this time, but I think Grindhouse has earned the benefit of the doubt. More news when we get it.

The original news follows:
This morning, Grindhouse Releasing announced the delay of their Blu-ray of Duke Mitchell's Massacre Mafia Style on their Facebook page. It seemed like bad news...until the second paragraph of their post including a release date for their Blu-ray release of Lucio Fulci's

The Beyond

. The post also included an image of the glow-in-the-dark cover art. What follows is that complete post and a nice, hi-res version of that box art.

Quote: We are sorry to report that our long-awaited Blu-ray release of Duke Mitchell's MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE has been delayed one month. The new release date will be February 10, 2015. We had originally planned to announce this title for December, but our manufacturer was unable to get the special clear cases that we have been using due to high Christmas season demand from their main client Criterion. Now we are being told that the cases will not be in stock until mid-January. Rather than compromise the release and settle for inferior generic cases, we have decided to wait. We hope you agree with the decision.

We are also pleased to announce our Blu-ray release of Lucio Fulci's supernatural masterpiece THE BEYOND, also arriving February 10 in a super-deluxe 3 disc special edition. Both titles will be available for pre-order later this week. Keep an eye on this page for all the details. Here is a peek at the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK cover art.

Edit: Here's what fans can expect from the collection:

  • Spectacular hi-definition digital transfer of the original UNCENSORED director’s cut
  • Breathtaking 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound re-mix by Academy Award winner Paul Ottoman
  • Provocative commentary by stars Catriona MacColl and genre superstar David Warbeck
  • Optional Italian language soundtrack and original mono mix
  • New in-depth interviews with stars Catriona MacColl, Cinzia Monreale and Giovanni De Nava, U.S. production manager Larry Ray, make-up artists Giannetto DeRossi and Maurizio Trani, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, writer Dardano Sacchetti, producer Fabrizio De Angelis, composer Fabio Frizzi, original U.S. distributor Terry Levene, and Antonella Fulci
  • Rare archival interviews with director Lucio Fulci and David Warbeck
  • Lost German pre-credit sequence in FULL COLOR
  • Liner notes by legendary horror journalist Chas. Balun and EuroHorror expert Martin Beine
  • Extensive still galleries and theatrical trailers
  • BONUS CD – original soundtrack album by Fabio Frizzi newly remastered in stunning 96khz sound from the original studio master tapes

The Beyond

The Beyond

The Beyond

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