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Title: The Godfather Trilogy (IMDb)
Starring: Marlon Brando
Released: 2nd June 2008
SRP: £29.99

Further Details:
Paramount Home Entertainment has just announced the DVD release of The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration for the 2nd of June, priced at around £29.99. The set will include all three films, remastered with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. A complete list of bonus material can be found below, along with the artwork.

Original Bonus Material

  • Director's Commentary for All Three Films
  • An Inside Look at the Creative Process Taking The Godfather from Book to Screen
  • On Location Production Designer Dean Tavoularis Looks at Some of the Original Locations for The Godfather Trilogy
  • A 73-Minute Documentary on the Origins of the Film Including Original Screen Tests and Rehearsals
  • The Godfather Behind the Scenes 1971 Featurette
  • Additional Scenes
  • The Cinematography of The Godfather
  • The Music of The Godfather
  • Coppola and Puzo on Screenwriting Storyboards
  • Animatic Storyboards
  • The Corleone Family Tree Character and Cast Biographies
  • Academy Award Acceptance Speeches
  • Photo Galleries with Captions
  • Theatrical Trailers Filmmaker Biographies

New Bonus Material

  • Godfather World (10:56)
  • The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn't (29:42)
  • When The Shooting Stopped (14:16)
  • Emulsional Rescue - Revealing the Godfather (19:03)
  • The Godfather on the Red Carpet  (4:02)
  • Four Short Films on The Godfather: GF vs. GF Part II (2:15); Cannoli (1:37); Riffing on the Riffing (1:38); Clemenza (1:55)
  • Hidden Easter Egg: Cosa Nostra & Coppola

The Godfather Trilogy
The Godfather Trilogy

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