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Title: The Human Centipede (IMDb)
Starring: Dieter Laser
Released: 5th October 2010
SRP: $29.98 (DVD)

Further Details:
IFC Films and MPI Media Group has announced DVD ($29.98) and Blu-ray ($34.98) releases of The Human Centipede for October 5th. Extra material will include an audio commentary with director Tom Six, a deleted scene, a making of featurette, alternate posters, and the trailer. We've attached the official package artwork for each of the releases below:

The Human Centipede
The Human Centipede
The Human Centipede


Quote: The compelling simplicity of “Saw.” The stylish dread of “Eraserhead.” The black humor of “A Nightmare On Elm Street.” Those are the benchmarks of horror that the outrageous Dutch film The Human Centipede matches. The plot is diabolically simple: two stranded American tourists are given shelter by a famed German doctor (a maniacally intense Dieter Laser) who made his fortune surgically separating conjoined twins. Now his mad genius is pushing the doctor to do the reverse. He tells the women that they will be surgically attached to a Japanese businessman – mouth to buttocks, one after the other – and thus will be born a new creature: the human centipede! Compellingly perverse, hilarious, and shockingly straightforward, Dutch director Tom Six’s new film is hands-down the most memorable horror film of the year.

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