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Title: The Kevin Smith Collection (IMDb: 1, 2, 3)
Starring: N/A (collection)
Released: 17th November 2009
SRP: $89.99 (collection) & $39.99 (each)

Further Details:
Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of The Kevin Smith Collection on Blu-ray Disc for 17th November. The collection includes the following titles: Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Each film will be available separately ($39.99) or combined as a boxed set ($89.99).

Clerks will feature: a making-of for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, an introduction by Kevin Smith and original DVD features: classic commentary; enhanced playback track; intro to the first cut 2004 commentary; 2004 commentary (with new authoring); Clerks lost scene - animated short; the flying car; MTV spots with Jay & Silent Bob; theatrical trailer; Soul Asylum’s “Can’t Even Tell” music video; Clerks restoration; original auditions; Snowball Effect; outtakes from Snowball Effect; Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary with intro by Kevin Smith And Scott Mosier; 10th Anniversary Q & A and more.

Chasing Amy will feature: Tracing Amy: The Chasing Amy Doc, Was It Something I Said? - A Conversation With Kevin & Joey, 10 Years later Q & A, audio commentary with Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier and original DVD features: deleted scenes; outtakes; trailer and more.

While Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back contains: an audio commentary (with Kevin Smith, producer Scott Mosier & Jason Mewes); deleted scenes with intros by Kevin Smith and Guests; “The Secret Stash” with intro; gag reel with intro; internet trailers with intro; TV spots; stills galleries; behind the scene featurette; Morris Day and the Time’s video “Learnin the Moves”; music video Afroman “I Get High”; music video Stroke 9 “Kick Some Ass”; Comedy Central’s Reel Comedy: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back; cast and crew filmographies; Guide to Morris Day and The Time (Still Frames), Storyboards and more.

The Kevin Smith Collection

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