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Title: The Natural
Starring: Robert Redford
Released: 6th April 2010
SRP: $24.95

Further Details:
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a Blu-ray release of The Natural for the 6th April. Retail will be around $24.95. Extras will include a 3-part When Lightning Strikes: Creating the Natural documentary, featurettes ("For the Love of the movie...and the Game", "A Natural Gunned Down: The Stalking of Eddie Waitkus", "Knights in Shining Armor: The Mythology of "The Natural", "The Heart Of The Natural"), and BD-Live features. We've attached the official package artwork below:

The Natural


Quote: Nothing was going to stop Roy Hobbs from fulfilling his boyhood dream of baseball superstardom. Robert Redford stars in this inspiring fable that begins when 14-year-old Hobbs (Redford) fashions a powerful bat from a fallen oak tree. He soon impresses major league scouts with his ability, fixing his extraordinary talent in the mind of sportswriter Max Mercy (Robert Duvall), who eventually becomesinstrumental in Hobb's career. But a meeting with a mysterious woman shatters his dream. Years passand an older Hobbs reappears as a rookie from The New York Knights. Overcoming physical pain and defying those who have a stake in seeing the Knights lose, Hobbs, with his boyhood bat, has his chanceto lead the Knights to the pennant and to finally fulfill his dream.

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